Nexus One is dead, Google cums on own face

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2010 at 10:32 am
When the Nexus One came out I was really excited because it seemed like Google was looking to stick it to the man.  By “the man”, I mean all those shitty cell service providers out there.  There is literally not one good cell phone company that I can think of (other than US Cellular whose phones blow).  So anyhow, I thought Google was going to come out with some great way to scam the phone companies by going completely internet based for phone calls.
This never happened, it seemed as though Google realized that they were shooting themselves in the foot considering that all the phone companies are now using their operating system on their new phones.  Android is all the rage and the fact is, it wouldn’t have been embraced the way it has been if Google had thrown a big middle finger up to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. by circumventing them with their Nexus One going completely internet based.  The fact is that there is no reason to talk over anything but 3G or WiFi anymore unless you live in bumblefuck.  At that point, fucking your sister is probably higher on your priority list than talking on a cutting edge smartphone.
Google tried to get in bed with all of the cell phone companies and presumably needed them to use their 3G network and then left it up to the consumer to figure out how to stick it to the man with Skype and Google Voice and the like.  It is a sloppy workaround and just not worth it to people to save 30-50 dollars each month.
Customer service was a debacle at first since it was all done online with no phone number to call for help.  There were the touchscreen issues where you had to touch higher on the screen that what you actually wanted to touch (as if typing on an android keyboard isn’t hard enough).  Verizon and Sprint jumped ship on the phone At&t never fully supported it and T-Mobile just seems to be sucking on the Google teet constantly.  They are also literally THE shittiest cell company in the US.
So basically what happened here is that Google was playing a little game I like to call “Just the tip”.  Except instead of acting like they were going to put in the tip and then actually going balls deep into the cell phone worlds ass… they played it safe by just dipping the tip in and then shooting their collective wad all over their own face.  So congrats Google, your face is covered in jizz and you have nothing to show for it.

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